Final Major Project:

Exploring factors that influence who we are from the detailing of our genetic code, to the development of our personal identity.

Page of modern common materials that I could use to create my artefacts

DNA materials stack. After looking at artefacts and how they can represent an identity, I have been thinking about ways I could create ‘modern artefacts’ that represent the present. I created this material stack (influenced by the stacking blocks of a DNA profile) out of materials that represent modern society, and the kind of materials that we will be remembered for in 100 years time. (Plastic, latex, rubber, sponge, tape etc)


Modern diagrams: mathematical, solid, artificial, flourescent, strong, blocks

Reality: organic, delicate, rounded, intricate,natural

I have started to do experiments using natural materials that could portray the organic nature of our genetics.

DNA is an extremely complex, organic structure consisting of strands tightly coiled and wound one another in detailed networks. This greatly contrasts with the modern, artificial-looking diagrams that are used nowadays to portray many organic, biological processes. Modern diagrams show DNA as a solid repeated pattern of block, fluorescent colours. In reality I would describe our genetics as delicate, complex and fragile.

After looking at objects and the portrayal of an identity In the British museum I decided to then think about the materials that we will be remembered for in the 21st century. The page shows lots of common objects in our constant environment which tend to be artificial, very colourful (lots of plastic and rubber.)

DNA profiles/ diagrams are very mathematical and minimalist blocks of colour. Our DNA is much more complicated than these diagrams suggest so I started to look at the 3d structure of a DNA helix.

Experimenting with creating a textile containing the chemicals etc that can alter DNA. Arranged in squares to represent a DNA profile.